Winter Field Day 2023

Come Join Us!

Disasters are unpredictable by nature and can strike when you least expect them. (Look at the severe weather that struck the upper midwest in December 2021.)  The goal of Winter Field Day is to help enhance skills and ready operators for all environmental conditions.  Preparedness is the key to a professional and timely response during any event and this is what local and state authorities are expecting when they reach  out to the emergency service groups that offer their services.

The Emerald Coast Amateur Radio Association (ECARA) will participate in the annual Winter Field Day Association’s Winter Field Day (WFD) by setting up a minimum of four radios and associated equipment (antennas, etc.) while operating under simulated “emergency” conditions for a twenty-four (24) hour period.

We will provide information to the general public on the capabilities of amateur radio during an emergency event and make available local disaster preparedness information to hand out to any visitors.

More importantly, you do NOT have to have a radio license and there is NO COST involved!  If you want to see what Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications is all about, come visit us at the Holley Navarre Senior Center, 8476 Gordon Goodin Lane in Navarre on January 28, 2023 starting at 1:00 p.m.

Winter Field Day 2022 was a great success!  Good times were had by all.  Results and pictures can be found at this link.

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